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    Real Estate Showing Appointments and Showing Feedback

    BookAShowing.com ™ is an online real estate showing appointment and showing feedback system created for real estate agents, real estate offices, buyers, sellers and REALTOR® / MLS Associations. This system makes a mundane real estate task quick and easy by scheduling up to 10 showings appointments at the same time. In addition, integrated showing feedback forms make it quick and easy to get and send feedback after a showing.

    BAS for MLS and REALTOR® Associations

    BAS allows MLS and REALTOR® Associations to empower their members with the ability to schedule showing appointments and send showing feedback automatically - without having to know what phone number to call, which office or agent a listing belongs to, or any other information. Simply schedule a showing appointment directly from your MLS searches - it couldn't be easier!

    BAS for Real Estate Agents and Offices

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    BAS gives agents the unique ability to not only schedule showing appointments online, but to track, report and maintain this information in a very easy to use system. Offices that use BAS are able to monitor all their appointments for each listing in 1 easy to use system. And since agents can enter their own appointments, you'll save tons of data entry time!

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    He slipped out a penny and offered it to the sheriff.
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  • Now that Lucas had inherited Valear s power he would share that with his protector, it would also aid in healing him. She had not come up with a plan to avoid marrying James.
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